Michael KabarecMichael Kabarec is the trusted leader and President of Kabarec Financial Advisors, Ltd.—a business he has managed and developed since it was established in 1982. At KFA, Kabarec and his reliable associates specialized in wealth advisement, specifically providing services in investment management, tax preparation and retirement planning. While these remain the main needs of the clients at KFA, Kabarec notes that the financial services industry is one that is wide-scoping and inviting to many emerging professionals who are in search of a rewarding career in today’s job market.

While job opportunities may have weakened in the United States of America as a result of the Great Recession, Michael Kabarec believes that those who hold specialized experience and expertise in financial areas are still positioned to succeed. Most notably, these professionals are trusted to help bring America’s financial element back to a promising state and re-establish fiscal confidence across the nation.

With these factors in mind, it is understandable that many young students may want to pursue a career in financial services; however, it may prove difficult for these individuals to understand what specific opportunities are available in this field apart from the general fields of accounting and tax service. For this reason, here are a few leading industry fields that today’s finance students may want to pursue once they complete the proper education:

  • Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriters are the individuals who are responsible for making very crucial decisions when insurance providers and policyholders are waiting for repayment and premium information. These professionals are the individuals who decide when to allow insurance coverage to occur, how much and under what exact terms. They must examine every element of the specific incident, from the individual policy terms to the detailed damage that may have resulted from an accident.

With many natural disasters occurring in today’s environment, as well as an aging population with increasing medical needs, the demand for insurance underwriters is growing, as many policyholders seek fair and just payment for incurred damage, while insurance providers are looking to minimize expenses to remain viable in today’s economy.

  • Real Estate Careers

While working in real estate may seem like a career dealing primarily with property and not finances, it is essential to keep in mind that strict understanding of fiscal procedures is necessary to pursue this opportunity. The recent housing market crisis may have many shying away from this industry, but trends are indicating that the single home and multifamily market are both steadily increasing as Americans experience a slow, yet expanding consumer confidence.

However, as more consumers follow paths to pursue homeownership they must rely on the assistance of educated and reliable agents, brokers, property managers and mortgage officers to prevent the country from making the same mistakes as it did a few years ago. While it takes hard work and dedication, real estate careers can prove highly rewarding as these professionals are responsible for allowing American citizens to pursue and own the home of their dreams.

  • Personal Financial Advisement

It may seem like a service only reserved for the wealthy, but many consumers with varying income ranges are seeking the assistance of a personal financial advisor. As a personal financial advisor, Michael Kabarec believes that this career is one that is well worth the effort and extremely satisfying. Not only do individuals who pursue this job path have a chance to work with varying issues in finance—employing a wide range of their fiscal knowledge—but they also have a chance to interact with clients on a personal level.

But what exactly is driving more Americans to pursue the help provided by these talented professionals? On one level, aging Baby Boomers who are currently managing or approaching retirement are finding that personal financial advisement is a great way to augment accounts for a more comfortable savings. On another level, younger citizens are turning to these professionals for personal assistance as fewer employers are offering pension plans and other financial benefits.

  • Forensic Accountant

Before heading off for higher education, some prospective students may grapple with a tough decision: do they want to pursue a degree in accounting or follow a path towards law and justice? Fortunately, there is a way to blend both interests by pursuing a career in forensic accounting. Much as a criminal investigator would examine evidence related to live-action crimes, a forensic investigator works to define and detail the evidence of financial crimes. With the recent onslaught of financial crises that occurred in the first part of the Millennium, forensic accountants play an important role in determining whether larger corporations and wealthy individuals are managing their money in a just and fair manner.

Michael Kabarec: How to Pursue a Career in Finance

The above listed careers in finance—along with many other specialized job opportunities—may seem exciting, but they do take quite a bit of work to get to that level of professionalism. While each individual career may involve specific requirements before becoming qualified, Michael Kabarec offers the following tips to those young individuals who want to pursue a career in finance:

Choose the Right Path in Higher Education

The sooner an individual realizes that he or she wants to pursue a finance career, the better, as they will have more time to prepare. Usually those who want to pursue this type of job opportunity will want to enroll in a relevant major at their university of choice, whether it is in business, accounting, finance or mathematics. Upon earning a bachelor’s degree, many students will find that they want to follow a more specialized path at graduate school to acquire a more fine-tuned education.

Network with Relevant Professionals

Networking is an important skill to master for any rising professional in any industry, but it is particularly important in the finance world as connections can set one above the competition. Forming strong relationships with fellow classmates, developing solid connections with professors or taking on important mentorship opportunities are all great options.Either way, those who network will find that their chances at success in landing a finance job are much greater.

Become a Certified Public Accountant

Once one has decided upon which state they want to pursue a career in, Michael Kabarec strongly recommends that enthusiastic professionals take the proper steps to become a Certified Public Accountant through the relevant CPA exam. Although the CPA exam is hard and requires immense preparation, Michael Kabarec explains that passing it can provide certification that is worth its weight in gold in the professional finance service industry.

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